I Wish You Knew…

In late 2010, at a small gathering of police supporters, the widow of a veteran officer, whose husband was killed in the process of detaining a violent criminal, was sharing her story with a small group of people.  Her two young daughters were present – all three smiling through the memories while at the same time tearing up over the despair of the recent loss of their husband and father.  During this brief conversation,  she said “I wish you knew my husband… he was such a good man.”  These were powerful words that left a lasting impression on everyone within range and inspired the Police Benevolent Foundation to start the “I Wish You Knew” campaign.  Over the next few months we cultivated a plan and set out to get testimonies of those that have a story to tell and asked them to share that story with us.

Each year more than 140 officers are killed in the line of duty.  These local heroes are brave men and women who have chosen to serve their community and stand on guard to protect our families, our homes and our businesses.  Those who are not killed are at risk of serious injury as a result of physical dangers encountered on the job.  The FBI documents thousands of life threatening injuries to law enforcement officers that include gun shot wounds, assaults and physical confrontations, traffic accidents and much more.  These injuries leave long lasting affects on the officers and their families.  The effects are not only physical, but emotional and mental as well and as a result the law enforcement profession has one of the highest rates of suicide of any profession in our county.

All donations to the “I Wish You Knew” campaign will go towards helping the families of those officers that have paid the ultimate sacrifice protecting our communities, those officers who have been injured serving our communities, and to helping educate those law enforcement professionals who put themselves in harms way everyday to the dangers of post traumatic stress disorder and its links to officer suicide.

The Police Benevolent Foundation Wishes You Knew what is was like to be there for those that need our help the most.

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